Thursday, August 20, 2009

Various and Strange doctrines

Heb. 13:9 “Do not be carried about with various and strange doctrines. For it is good that the heart be established by grace, not with foods which have not profited....”
"Various and strange doctrines” This describes much of what goes on today in the name of Christ. Many leaders in the church do not hold fast to the Word of God. They are always on the lookout for something “new”, something that will make them stand out and that will make people say, “wow, I have not heard that before!” However, there is a reason people have not heard it before. IT'S NOT TRUE! It has been said, “if it is true it is not new and if is new it is not true.”
God has given us the solid foundation of the Word of God, full of truth. Jesus said “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” If the truth sets us free, why are we looking for anything else that is powerless and cannot make changes in our lives?
Various and strange doctrines are also dangerous because they are heresies and Galatians calls them a work of the flesh. It is also dangerous to put your trust in a lie. Jesus said, “be careful that you are not deceived.” That means the responsibility is on you. Don’t let anyone deceive you. The way to do that is to stay true to the Word of God. You could spend your life and then some, searching the pages of the incredible scriptures and never get all that God has placed there.
Let us know what you think, and give us your comments, and what God has spoken to you about this verse.


Laura said...

Hmm, what current "strange" doctrine do mean? Any teaching or concept weather we are already familiar with it, or it is "new" to us, will line up with the word of God, if it is true, solid, etc. God will never show teach us something that contradicts His own word, but the enemy seeks deliberately to take half-truth and twist it. That said, there are plenty of times when God takes us out of our own "comfort-zone" and reveals areas where our belief system is faulty, and doesn't line up with His word! "Lord, please burn away the wood, hay and stubble in my life, reveal to me any areas where I have a wrong belief that is not true, Amen"

Cassandra said...

Speaking of 'strange' doctrine, you are right. I once worked with a company built on the administrative principals of L Ron Hubbard (the 'father' of Scientology.) The owner of that business said to me, "What is true for you, is true to you." I couldn't help but stand there stunned for a moment, shocked by the absurdity of his logic. With a shake, I reanimated and said in a confused tone, "But that doesn't make it true?"

Thank God we have the truth in His Word! I love being able to go back and have the truth anytime, whether "I knew it" or not, it's still true.

God is Truth! And, for this I'm glad because if "what's true to me is true" then there would have been monsters under my bed as a child and the tooth fairy might actually steel my teeth...

Thank you Pastor Robert and Calvary Chapel for letting God speak through His word at our church. And, for letting 'what's true to me', only be true if it's true to God.

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