Sunday, February 20, 2011

How will History Judge Us?

If this world makes it another two hundred years, how will history remember this generation?

Consider how we look back on a critical time in American history. Slavery was legal until the Civil War. For modern day Americans, it is hard to understand there was a time when slavery was the law of the land. Moreover, slavery was believed to be, not only except-able, but justified by more than 50% of those who lived during those times. In fact, many of the founding fathers of the United States of America owned slaves and defended it with great vigor. To his credit, however, Benjamin Franklin did recognize this horrible practice for the evil that it was and spent the latter part of his life fighting to change the terrible ideology and laws which allowed a whole race to be mistreated.

The obvious question: how could this happen in a country that saw all men as equal; how could we enslave people for almost one hundred years?

Two reasons. First, Americans dehumanized a whole race to justify the inhumane treatment of black people in early America, The law of slavery was even upheld by the Supreme Court. Second, the economy of the South depended upon slavery. Many who knew it was wrong looked the other way for the sake of the economy. Legalization and money. Those are the reasons slavery existed for so long. Sound familiar? No wonder this evil led to the Civil War. One of, if not the most, bloody times in this nation’s history.

Although most Americans of the day looked the other way and did nothing because they did not want to get involved or they profited from this oppression, praise God, for men and women who sacrificed to see the end of slavery. Many risked there lives in the Underground Railroad and others fought to the death to ensure men and women were set free from their masters. Praise God for men like Abraham Lincoln who saw it as a call of God to change the world at any cost.

Consider another critical time in history. During the Holocaust, millions of Jewish people were dehumanized, murdered, and starved in concentration camps. However, before they could brutally gather them up, starve and kill them, the Germans used propaganda to declare that Jewish people were not human. Currently, we look back in horror and disgust at the millions who stood by and did nothing as almost an entire race was murdered, 7 million Jews: over 1 million of them little children. You may be thinking, If I were there I would have done something! Maybe you would have. Or, sadly, perhaps you would have fallen prey to the dominating propaganda.

Although many did stand by in apathy and quiet acceptance of this murder, praise God, for the thousands who risked their lives to save Jews. Consider the Ten Boom’s and many others who simply could not stand by and do nothing. However, they too found themselves in the same concentration camps, simply for saving and rescuing lives.

Consider today. We also live in a time where a whole group of people are constantly dehumanized. Why? Because of legalization or “rights,” because of money, because of propaganda. What is this horrible murder? The campaign against the unborn child.

Abortion is the law of the land, upheld by the Supreme Court, just as in the days of slavery. The Court declares that as long as a baby has not been born, it is not a human, it is not deserving of rights. And so millions of mother’s have bought into this law, this propaganda, and oftentimes, to save money, they murder their own flesh and blood.

Indeed, it is the law of the land and 50% of people believe the propaganda that an unborn child is not a human. This does not make it right! I write these words with grief in my heart. Today millions stand by and do nothing while over the 50 million babies have been killed since abortion was legalized in 1972.

Abortion is often rationalized because of the belief that it should be legal in the case of rape, incest and when the mother’s life is at stake. I agree with some of these arguments and disagree with others. However, of the 50 million babies who have been killed in the last forty years, a very small amount fall into one of these categories. We must deal with the big picture and then we can work through these difficulties.

Praise God for man and women who have reached out and saved millions of babies from being killed. Though I disagree with some of the tactics that are being used by pro-life organizations, I commend those like Pregnancy Centers who counsel young women and show them the ultrasound of the young child with hands, feet, a spine, brain and a beating heart.
What will you do?

Will you stand by and do nothing?

Many just do not know what to do. Or we feel like it is a battle we can not win so we do nothing. It took almost one hundred years to make slavery illegal in America. This battle will not be won overnight, but that does not mean it is not worth fighting. In the meantime, we can help rescue those who are being targeted slaughter. Let me give you some suggestions.

1. Pray! You are an American, this is your country that is allowing babies to be killed. You must pray. Prayer changes our own hearts, and the hearts of our country. Make a commitment to lift this up before the Lord until it is either abolished, like slavery, or you are no longer here.

2. Find a pro-life organization you can give your time, finances or both. Obviously, we cannot support all pro-life organization, but we can support the vast majority of them. Look for organizations that reach out to the girls and women who have a crisis pregnancy Just choose one, a little Google research can get you started.

3. Look and pray for opportunities to reach those who do not want their unborn child. There is an alternative to abortion. Though not all women can be persuaded, some can.

4. Finally, do not lose hope. We can do all things through God who strengthens us. The battle may be long, difficult, and painful, but one day abortion will not be legal.

God help us to save the children: dehumanized and marked for death.


Robert Furrow


山下 安音 said...!/providacostaric

Nice to meet you. I am pleased with the establishment of "the day of the unborn-child" of the Argentine Republic idea in 1999.

Wish calls for realization in Japan.

For March 25 of this year, I gather material about the unborn-child for the international peace movie festival by a plan to do an entry of a picture of five minutes.

Would you cooperate?

I want a photograph and the picture which you own.

Please assist my plan.

Toyin O. said...

Thanks for sharing, I will keep praying for this cause:)

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